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By Pete ~ March 19th, 2012 @ 1:54 am

Is it possible to turn your hobby blog into a full time living? Apparently so. There are a lot of smug professional bloggers out there who travel the world, working and getting a monthly paycheck from their blog. This income often comes from advertising in the form of affiliate commissions, banner ads or Google Adsense.

With blogging it is important to make the transition from hobby to fully fledged business, with a proper site structure and monetization strategy. It is crucial to have a genuine passion for your topic- otherwise you’ll hate writing about it every day and it will show- but you must approach it in a businesslike way if you want to turn a profit (in case you were wondering, this blog is just a hobby and no, it doesn’t turn a profit). I’ll show you some examples for what I am talking about.


A professional news blog should be updated several times a day in various categories covering a wide range of topics. If the blog is a niche, break the topic down into several smaller ones and do the same for those. Advertizing should be discreet.


A sports blog can do well from advertising in terms of related banner ads, etc. Don’t publish inane posts just for the sake of it- update in a timely fashion with coverage on big developments in the industry (i.e. the hiring and firing of players, coaches) and of course major games. Local games are a good feature to add, too, and you can work your way up through word of mouth in your area.


This area of blogging is saturated with wannabe models and fashionistas who think everyone is interested in their outfits. Unless you really are an industry insider or designer, find an interesting niche that is not currently being filled, where you can really interest and help people. Perhaps support local designers in your area, or showcase some work of your own. Reviews, discount code updates and style coaching are also ways to add value. The most likely income earners in this area are banner ads and affiliate commissions, as many major online fashion retailers have programs incorporating both.

In most niches you can’t expect to turn a profit in the first six months to a year, although of course there are exceptions to every rule. Don’t quit your day job- just start blogging on the side in a professional way, and see where it leads you. Traveling the word may be a reality sooner than you think.


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